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Attention Students:

Students: Welcome to the Reviewing the Arts Class Blog.

Every week, you will be expected to blog here. Respond to each assignment by clicking on the “comments” link (until someone posts the first comment, it’ll read600s_michigan.jpg “no comments”). The assignments will vary – between responses to your readings, writing short reviews, thoughts about class discussions, assignments to locate images and/or other articles/blogs that refer to the topic, etc. So be sure that you check this blog before each and every class!

I expect you to also engage your fellow classmates in discussions. Be sure to read the comments that precede yours so that you are not merely reiterating a point that has already been made, but are rather adding to, enriching, and expanding the discussion that is taking place.

I am more concerned about quality of writing than quantity. In other words, I will not ask that you write a certain length or amount, but am rather more interested that your responses are critical, thoughtful, and creative.

In order to receive credit, you must put your first name on all posts and enter the email address to which you want to receive your grades for each post. I respond to all posts via email to whatever email address you enter, with grades, so be sure to enter the email address you use most often.

Adding additional resources and comments will be looked upon favorably, when the time comes to turn in final grades, and could be particularly useful for those who may need an extra boost at the end of the semester (hint, hint). HOWEVER, adding websites and resources WILL NOT replace your required weekly journal responses. If you are experiencing problems with this online discussion board, please inform me immediately.

* If, after your first or second posting, you do not see your blog post right away, it’s because it has probably gone into moderation (for me to approve), so don’t panic. After a few postings, the blog will then begin to automatically accept your posts without the need for moderator approval.


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